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The Film Notes Service and other papers for Members..


As a Member, you will have been given the Password to access and print the notes with your membership. As an exclusive service, we ask that you respect the work that has gone into preparing these, and that you keep your Password safe. If you forget it, please email: filmsinstafford@outlook.com for a reminder (you can click on this address).


In a departure from our previous practice, you can now find Members Film Notes for each individual film in the Programme listing. Click on the Poster of the Film in which you are interested: The link to the Note is on that page. Or you can click on the Film name in the table on the Home page of this website: HOME

We hope you think this is a more logical place.

The full season Notes are still located below.....


These films will open in a new window of your browser,

or, if you are using the Firefox Browser, appear in your file download list: Downloadfirefox

However, you might like to download the film notes as a Pack. They are available for each of the Autumn and Spring film seasons.

Click on either the Autumn or Spring Cover below.

*You will still need the appropriate Password to access the full set of Notes. Please ask at the membership desk on film night for this or email:



Spring 2022 Complete Note set

Click on the image for the full note set


Autumn /Winter 2022 Complete Note set

Click on the image for the full note set



Autumn/Winter 2019 Complete Note set.

Click on the image for the full note set




Spring 2020 Complete Note set- for all films intended to be shown

Click on the image for the full note set




Autumn/Winter 2021 Complete Note set.

Click on the image for the full note set




We do hope you enjoy reading these.

They were compiled for you by Committee Member John Paish.

Access the Film notes for each film shown by clicking on the Film's poster below and type in the Password when prompted.

Autumn/Winter 2021 Film Season




(click below for previous film season's notes...)









Here is the Programme (and Note) for the 70TH ANNIVERSARY celebration held on 17th September, 2019


Other information for Members:

This is how our audience assessed the films we showed during the Autumn2021



Information courtesy of Clive Kerridge, committee member


Other Member Documents


Agenda 7 May 2018


Click on Agenda to read

Minutes of Previous AGM


Click on Minutes to read.

Chairman's Report 2017/18

for AGM 7th May 2019


Click on Report to read

Treasurer's Report 2017/18




A Note on becoming a Charity

Charity Report

Click on Report to read












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