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Ticket prices for 2019

TICKET PRICES - Price per film, and for our 2020 Spring Season memberships


For the 2020 film Season all tickets and memberships will be issued through the Box Office in Foyer of the Gatehouse Theatre

AND online through their website

Entry to the Film will be via the Stage Bar.

Please ensure you have your membership card,

or tickets from the Box Office, before reaching the Stage bar.

Members issued with a membership card must present this to the

Film Theatre staff at the desk in the stage bar before entering the auditorium.

You will be issued with a no cost ticket for the evening's performance.

If you would like special assistance with accessing the film,

please contact the Gatehouse staff or any Film Theatre committee member.


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Single Performance ticket

(tickets include the Box Office's 50p per ticket booking fee.)



Spring Season 2020
membership (all 12 Films), commencing 11 February 2020.
You also receive Film notes (printed, or online via our website)




Continuing for

Spring 2020:

Four film membership - for four of the first six films shown up to and including 17 March 2020.

Available before the new season or at the first two films. This can be converted into full membership by paying the balance of £35 or £27.





Further information on full season:


Membership average price per film:

£4. 54


Membership saving on 13 single performance tickets price

35% (£32)

40% (£31)




IN ADVANCE: to buy tickets in advance for particular performances, please contact theIn Advance, Box Office in the Gatehouse Theatre, either in person, by Phone or book on-line at: The Gatehouse ticket office

For details of all memberships please speak to or e-mail Suzan Kerridge 01785 280566, or to a member of the committee who will point you in her direction.


You can rejoin in advance or on a performance night through The Box Office in the Gatehouse, or by using their own online ticket booking web page.

If you would like a weekly reminder of the film we are showing, please remember to include your e-mail address on the form, or e-mail our membership secretary.


Please Note : Personal information given to the Gatehouse box office staff when booking tickets or paying for membership will only be shared with Stafford Film Theatre for its own administraion.











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