17 September 2019

SFT's 70th Birthday Celebration:

Fallen Idol

Director : Carol Reed

Running Time: 91 Mins

UK 1948

Cert PG

at 8:00pm in the Gatehouse Theatre

Preceded by

Alliance for Peace with accompanying illustrated talk by Christopher Templeton.

In the Mountbatten Suite at 6:30pm

There is no additional ticket for this presentation other than the purchase of a ticket for the show or a membership ticket for the season.


On September 17th the Film Theatre will be celebrating its illustrious history with a screening of two films, with accompanying talks by the acclaimed screenwriter and director, Christopher Templeton.

The Fallen Idol, will be one of the offerings. Based on the short story The Basement Room by Graham Greene. This film adaptation has long been overshadowed by Greene’s more well-known ‘The Third Man’ - which was shown during SFT’s first season!   Greene himself, along with many critics, preferred The Fallen Idol, which went on to win a BAFTA for Best British Film.  It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.   Our speaker for the evening, Christopher Templeton is the son of William Templeton, a Hollywood screenwriter on the production.  Christopher will doubtless provide insights into the parallels and divergences between the book and film.

Preceding the main feature, Alliance for Peace, a documentary produced by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), will be screened.  This was shown in the US as a supporting B-feature.  It evokes the world in which the Film Theatre was founded. Yes, WWII was over, but the arduous Berlin blockade had just ended, Europe was suffering great privations and there were many uncertainties around the westward march of the Soviet Union.

Once again Christopher is well placed to give his audience insights into the making of this film. His father wrote the narrative, and accompanied General Eisenhower, the first Supreme Allied Commander of NATO on his whistle-stop tour of the 12 signatory countries.